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Magic Camera - Webcam Effects, fun Mobile Software Review

Magic Camera - Webcam Effects, fun Mobile Software
Magic Camera - Webcam Effects, fun Mobile Software 

With only a straightforward download, Musemage opens up your cell phone's camera like no other application can do. Musemage's most exceptional element is that it empowers you to utilize various channels, and impacts all continuously preparing while at the same time shooting, without pausing, in full HD video and full-goals photographs! 

Attempt it now, and saw the wonderful highlights of Musemage! 

[4 Professional Shooting Modes] 

Video Mode: Experience different shooting highlights opening at the same time. 

Photograph Mode: Various camera focal point and channels all progressively to enable you to get a decent shot. 

Blue Screen: Replace any foundation into clever picture, or video of your decision. 

Enchantment Color: Feel allowed to change the shade of any article, helpful in any circumstance. 

[Abundant Real-time Functions in shooting] 

Select video adjustment 

Five-pivot video adjustment, computerized video adjustment innovation brought to the cell phone. Hand-held shooting on rough conditions are ensured shake strong edge. 

Constant Beauty 

Full HD video genuine decorating, fix wrinkles and flaws, hair, eyes and different subtleties. Immediately have a smooth face. 

Ongoing HDR 

Naturally, control the splendor of the image detail, reestablish ordinary presentation, shadows and feature detail 3 EV or more. Changing the introduction and tone mapping, rendering progressively reasonable and more splendid scenes. 

26 camera focal point channel and embellishments channels 

5 Lens Filters (bokeh, tilt-move, vignette, and so on.) 

6 Distortion Filters (point of view rectification, fisheye, and so forth.) 

6 Art Filters (artworks, illustrations, gouache, and so on.) 

5 Weather Filters (reflection, defog, snow, and so on.) 

5 Equipment Filters (spotlight, wide-screen, warm, and so on.) 

44 shading channels continuously 

6 Adventure channels 

7 Film channels 

6 Black and white channels 

6 Lomo channels 

5 Documentary channels 

4 Light spillage channels 

10 Movie channels

Magic Camera - Webcam Effects, fun Mobile Software  Review Video

Magic Camera - Webcam Effects, fun Mobile Software  Download Link
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