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Best Auto Speaker on Your Mobile Phone

Best Auto Speaker on Your Mobile Phone

This simple application will automatically switch speaker status on\off during a phone call according to the phone position Auto Speaker.
It uses the proximity sensor to know if the phone is near your ear or not.

If you are using any type of headset, it will turn the speaker off, regardless of the proximity sensor and use the headset.

Whenever you are in a call, a new "control" button appears (default location is on the top left of the screen).
Pressing this button enables (Green icon) or disables (Red icon) the service for the current call.
Alternatively, you can use notification on the status bar instead of the control button.
Please note that when disabling the service it will turn off the speaker.

Furthermore, the speaker button of the dialer may not indicate the current status of the speaker (on\off), nevertheless, the status is changed. Auto Speaker

IMPORTANT: Auto Speaker

Some devices may need to be calibrated for the app to work correctly.
See the 'Calibration' option in settings if needed.

- Set default service status.
- Disable the service when the phone is set to silent or vibrate (optional).
- On each call, you can change the service status for that specific call (It does not change your dialer).
Using it will turn the speaker on if service is enabled, and off if service is disabled.
- Set the speaker status when the call starts.
- When changing to the speaker, set the volume to maximum (configurable).
- Keep the screen on when the speaker and/or headset is in use (optional).
- Control for speaker on\off delay (separate delay for on and off).
- Select between using the control button or notification on the status bar.
- A custom location of the control button.
- Custom transparency of the control button.Auto Speaker

The default setting is to turn off the speaker quickly when putting it near the ear, but a longer delay to turn it off.
This way if you just move the phone for a second from the ear it will not turn it on.

Any comments\requests can be sent to Just put in the subject "Auto Speaker".

Special thanks to Auto Speaker

- Mitch Atchley - For his big help in testing the application
- Nauman Afzal (@nomidesigns) - For Designing and contributing the application icon
- Cătălin Truţă (InFrame Studios) - For designing and contributing new application icon Auto Speaker
- Grigore Frișan - For translating into Romanian
- Daniel Delion, Igor Poretsky - For translating into Russian
- Anderson Costa - For translating into Portuguese
- Burhan Keleş‏ - For translating into Turkish
- Jakub Kozłowski‏ - For translating into Polish

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