It is spring, summer (with its consequent operation bikini) is just around the corner and the objective is twofold: to have fun having a few beers on the terrace and lose weight. Looking for tricks to lose weight without giving up the good life? Well, ask yourself the right questions.
 We have considered, for example, what type of alcoholic beverages fatten more. We all know that alcohol contains empty calories and is therefore included in the list of five things you should never try if you want to lose weight. But do all types of alcohol get fat the same? Let’s analyze it.

First of all, how much alcohol do we drink and how many calories does it have?

In Spain, it is estimated that almost five out of every hundred calories ingested daily come from alcohol consumption, according to data from the Spanish Nutrition Foundation. These calories are added to those that we already take for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so, we insist, giving up alcohol can already mean that you lose pounds without realizing it. 
And if to all this we add the sugar of the soft drinks with which it is usually accompanied by vodka, whiskey or rum, the number of calories can skyrocket above the recommendation of the World Health Organization: 2,000 calories a day for a man and 1,800 for a woman.

It is not only fattening by calories

Alcohol prevents calories and carbohydrates from being burned, so it is not advisable in any case to abuse this type of drink. Whether or not you are dieting.

Vodka, the worst drink

Alcoholic beverages (unlike packaged foods) are not required to reflect nutritional information on the label. They are not, in fact, food per se. But you can research to see which ones have the most calories.
The calories in glass are consistent with the graduation. At the top of the list are therefore liquors, and specifically vodka, with 300 kilocalories for every 100-milliliter glass (a couple of shot glasses for example. Then there is anise (297 kilocalories), the whiskey and cognac (280), rum and gin (244), and pomace (222). The most explosive mixture comes from thePina Colada(lemon, coconut and rum juice), a real bomb with 644 kcal (a Big Mac hamburger is 510 kcal)

Beer and wine, the least

On the other hand, beer and wine, two of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in our country, are among the least fattening. Thus, contrary to what many think, a beer (200 ccs) is only 70 kcal and a can, 105. In the case of wine, a glass of red is 74 kcal and white, 79.