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Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss With Amazing Videos

Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss With Amazing Videos

Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss With Amazing Videos
yoga poses for weight loss
We all associate the practice of this ancient system with relaxation and flexibility. Here we will tell you why and how yoga poses help you for weight loss.
When they (yoga practitioners) talk to us about yoga, we immediately associate their practices with this system with meditation, relaxation, and body flexibility.
Certainly, many of us know its benefits and know that it is the first thing that is recommended when we are under stress and need change.
Unfortunately, few of us know that yoga has other benefits: You can use yoga to lose weight and lose your body, too.
Do not be surprised or surprised by these words, here we will prove to you and inform you how and why.

We will talk first about the association of yoga with weight loss:

Yoga For Weight Loss
Yoga For Weight Loss

There are different types of classes, and although many are aimed at relaxing.
There are other classes that require more physical exertion and achieve excellent results if you seek to calm the body and lose weight as well.
Specifically, given the intensity of some groups and situations, they have effects that sometimes underestimate them:
  • It helps to develop muscle fitness: which requires effort from certain parts of the body as more fat is reduced.
  • It speeds up metabolism: especially in severe situations, which raises your heart rate in a very healthy way.
  • Burn calories.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress: which are factors associated with being overweight.
  • It allows you to control breathing and promotes blood circulation.
  • It improves digestion: allowing the body to take full advantage of the nutrients in food and avoid fat accumulation.
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Now how do yoga exercises lose weight

Dear reader, please focus a little on this information.
The first thing we need to understand is that, being a system that teaches to calm the mind and move around better in emotions.
It allows us to manage hunger and maintain better healthy eating habits, which contributes greatly to weight loss.
Yes, dear, this is true and this is not all, but to the extent that, after progressing in various studies.
The National Institute of Health in the United States concluded that yoga, for its physical, mental, and social benefits, is an integrated tool for losing weight.

But let’s go to the most important thing. Why does yoga lose weight?

For many different reasons. One of the most important of them relates to poses,
which activate the muscles and allow the body to work better,
which enhances and improves the excretion of toxins and also improves blood circulation.
By getting more oxygen better, the body works better and all of this gives us and provides us with more physical and psychological energy to control the craving for food.
In addition, it helps to eat with a healthy awareness, the so-called “mindful eating.”
When we recognize our bodies and emotions,
we can recognize the true signs of hunger and nourish ourselves with what we really need.
As we learn to eat when we are hungry and to stop when we are satisfied.

yoga for weight loss
yoga for weight loss

A very large group of benefits in this system gives you a great result of losing weight.
Yes dear, continue reading and you will also see a group of videos to learn how to exercise this beautiful system

Here are yoga poses for weight loss

There are some variables that burn more calories and attitudes that contribute significantly to weight gain:

Bikram: It is a practice that takes place in a heated room for 90 minutes.

A series of 26 positions are performed that require an increased heart rate and strength of fitness. Burn a lot of calories, such as: Running a workout.
Ashtanga or Vinyasa: Either way, everything is moving at enough intensity and speed. as this style is practiced practically like running in terms of calories consumed.

Hatha or Iyengar: They are less intense than previous poses.
But they help to lose weight in the long run because they increase muscle mass in the body and cause body fat to burn for more calories, even in rest.

Asanas yoga for weight loss

There are many situations that teachers recommend for those people who seek to lose weight, as well as coordinate their bodies, minds, and spirit:

Makeup fish or matsiasana.

Cobra formation.

Make Up A Candle

Warrior poses.

Sun Salutation Mode.

Both positions or asanas allow certain muscles to work, and, accordingly, help reduce fat accumulated in different parts of the body.

yoga poses for weight loss
yoga poses for weight loss

Yoga generally has more benefits:

Dear reader, if you have doubts about this, we will show you other advantages of practicing this old system on a regular basis.
  • Reduces stress and contractions: periodic exercise is a natural way to eliminate stress accumulated daily, whether in the physical or mental body.
  • Increasing psychological and inner peace: Certainly, my dear, you know that true peace is within us. Along with meditation, it is one of the most effective tools for “calming demonic behaviors” and balancing the body and mind. It is a safe way to live lighter.
  • It strengthens the immune system: When something worries us a lot or we have a lot of stress or periods of depression, our immune system becomes unbalanced and can lead to many diseases such as the Coronavirus, for example. Restoring stability adds health and strengthens the body against the Coronavirus.
  • It helps to live with greater awareness and inhabit the present: Often our minds are like the internet and come and go to the past and the future, with little or no record of the present. Reflection specialties connect us today and improve the quality of everyday life.
  • Improving social relationships: Practitioners tend to endure energy and positivity while doing these exercises in yoga classes because they are able to have a more relaxed mind. Internal well-being has a clear impact on relationships and often afflicts those around us.
  • Helps replenish energy and strength: If it takes us a few minutes to stretch the body, breathe consciously, and relax the mind, we can replenish lost energy throughout a difficult day.
    Improves body flexibility and posture: Helps achieve stronger, flexible body and more harmonious muscles.
Remember, dear, that the way to maintain a healthy and good weight (not full of fat) is to follow a healthy diet, and that the ideal thing is to link these types of activities with some (more aerobic activities), such as walking or jogging on a treadmill or using the Oval treadmill or stationary bike.
This way, you can quickly lose weight and take better care of your health.

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