Chamomile tea and why it helps you lose weight. If you like to take care of your diet and benefit from the infusions then, it is good that you include in your diet a very popular drink and that you have known since you were little.
The popular chamomile tea has many more benefits than you can imagine since its compounds help treat some minor illnesses, since time immemorial, however, there are other factors that you will want to drink it daily, yes dear, it also helps to lose weight.
Academics from the Laboratory of Antioxidants and Functional Foods of the Research and Development Center explain that the production of this plant has three variants, the black tea which is obtained from the oxidation of the leaves, the Green Tea which is obtained from bleached sheets and the oolong which are obtained from fermented leaves.
These variants have multiple benefits, one of them has to do with our weight loss, since the consumption of this plant in any of its varieties, helps you feel satisfied for longer, in addition to counteracting the cellular aging.
Chamomile tea and why it helps you lose weight
As if this were not enough, this plant contains an antioxidant named catechin, which helps eliminate fat deposits in the body through thermogenesis, a process in which heat is generated in our body and that helps the calories we ingest when we eat.
And we are not done, these teas have positive effects for the skincare in addition to being anticancer, so it is advisable to drink this rich tea every day, both at breakfast and between meals. The ideal is to drink it naturally and without sugar so that the benefits are greater.