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The risks of losing weight very quickly? But Why am I losing weight too fast?

The risks of losing weight very quickly

The risks of losing weight very quickly
The risks of losing weight very quickly

When it comes to losing weight, we all want it to be as fast as possible, but have you ever wondered, Is it a safe practice for health?
Lose weight It is a subject that will never go out of style, that is why today there are numerous trends, products, and diets to achieve the best and fastest results. Between the long list of weight loss plans, the famous miracle diets which are related to their effects to lose weight too fast. However beyond aesthetics It seems that on many occasions we do not question ourselves about the consequences brings to health and the functioning of the organism, the reality is that we know they are not entirely good; we have been hearing for years about the benefits of losing weight gradually and healthily, at a rate slow and steady.
There are studies that verify the benefits of allowing ourselves to lose weight slowly and among the main ones is that it is a safe way to guarantee long-term weight loss and without compromising health. What happens is that many times for medical indications losing weight becomes a priority and is determinant in health status from various patients, in fact when the process of losing weight happens very slowly It is also a concern for health. So What is the best?

The million-dollar question Is it bad to lose weight fast?

The first concept that needs to be explored is to understand what is considered a healthy weight loss? According to various nutrition and medicine specialists Losing between 1-2 pounds a week (i.e. 450-907 grams) is considered healthy. When a person loses more than the mentioned amount it is considered too fast and is a reason for risk to your health, which occurs through various circumstances such as nutritional deficiencies, ailments, and problems in metabolism. 
Now the main ways in which people tend to lose more weight than considered healthy, are highlighted by a combination that includes high levels of physical activity and one crash or very low-calorie diet they are usually diets that are based on an intake of 800 calories a day. It is worth mentioning that there are some cases in which a new plan and new physical activity are being initiated in which lose more than 2 pounds the first week and it is important to mention that this does not symbolize a problem, it is worrying when weight loss is gradual and by a certain period of time.

The main health risks:

The risks of losing weight very quickly? But Why am I losing weight too fast?
The risks of losing weight very quickly? But Why am I losing weight too fast?

Of course, there are many people who the idea of ​​losing weight very quickly is very attractive to them However, we already know that the easy and immediate way it is not the healthiest. Follow this kind of practices that promote low calorie and nutrient intake, it is a custom that imbalances the body and it is related to the following conditions:
1. You are very likely to lose muscle mass
Bodyweight is influenced by too many aspects Among the main ones is fluid retention and muscle mass, it is key to understand that lose weight It is not always given in the same way and on many occasions, the fast solutions do not promote Loss of fat. Specialists agree that on many occasions these rapid weight losses are precisely water and muscle.
2. The metabolism can be affected
Metabolism is essential in weight loss However, it is a sensible concept that is directly related to the number of calories the body burns per day. It is because of that lose weight too fast It is one of the main effects that slow metabolism, this means that it burns fewer calories a day (in fact, there are some studies that show that they burn 23% less). exist two main reasons by which the metabolism falls into a very low-calorie diet; The first is related to the muscle wasting and the second with thyroid hormone abnormalities which are responsible for regulating metabolism.

3. Nutritional deficiencies and their respective consequences

It practically goes hand in hand with the fact consume fewer calories with nutritional deficiencies, is large because it becomes quite difficult to obtain the daily requirements of the most important nutrients as is the case of the iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12. Such imbalances in substances important for the functioning of the organism appear with the following conditions:
Hair loss: When the body does not acquire enough nutrients to be healthy and strong, among the First signs are hair loss.

Extreme fatigue: It is quite normal for states of constant and chronic fatigue to occur, this is due to the nutritional deficiencies in iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 characteristics in very-low-calorie diets. This lack of nutrients affects the entire performance of the body and it is quite normal to have very little energy for all kinds of activities, from physical to mental.

Impaired immune system: It is simply the immune system is responsible for defending the body of the possible attack of pathogens that cause diseases and infections, its state depends directly on food. That is why a diet low in nutrients and calories increases the risk of getting sick, at the same time decreases the production of white blood cells.
Weak bones: Another consequence of the lack of nutrients is bone problems. become weak and brittle, this is due to deficiencies in vitamin C, D, phosphorus, and above all calcium in the diet.

4. Other effects of losing weight very fast

In each organism, the consequences will be reflected in different areas of health, here the list with other possible conditions.
Gallstone formation

Constant hunger

Changes in body temperature, for example, feeling very cold
Muscle cramps
Digestive disorders such as diarrhea or constipation
Changes in mood

Lose weight especially in the cases of people who suffer overweight and obesity is one of the better health measures that can be taken since it is key in the prevention and control of numerous chronic and degenerative diseases. However, it is vitally important that we do so with conscience and following a balanced diet, there are medicinal foods that will be a great ally for your rich in nutrients and low caloric intake.
It is important to have the support of a nutrition specialist what will it do to us easier and healthier the wayAt the same time, there are good recommendations to consider, among which habits such as Eat slow, increase protein consumption, avoid sugar, increase the consumption of green tea, get enough sleep, carry out physical activity and eat enough fiber.
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But Why am I losing weight too fast?

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