At the start a routine to lose weight and burn fat, the first question that arises is what should and what should not eat? Many believe that losing weight is synonymous with punishing yourself many hours on the treadmill or exercise bike and live only on dinners and meals based on lettuce, tomato, and little else.
 Be careful, losing weight is far from synonymous with starvation and not being able to enjoy the foods we like. At first, it can be a difficult task (In this information we showed you the three keys to lose fat effectively)But then you will discover that you eat tasty and different foods that are also healthy.
The first thing you have to be very clear about is that you have to end industrial bakery and processed foods (In this news we were talking about the only product you should banish from your diet to lose five kilos of weight in a month).
The important thing is knowing what to eat and how much. Thus, here we show you how you should make your dinner greet him and what foods you should take. As explained by “the athlete’s corner” from his official Instagram account “if you do not eat well at dinner you will be hungry and you will not rest well, and rest is essential, so think well before going to bed hungry”. 
“There are people eating only a cookie or a protein bar to lose fat and it is the least they achieve” they explain. What they recommend is to add protein sources since during sleep (here we showed you the key to losing weight sleeping), Approximately 8 hours, the body rests and muscle tissue recover after training. Therefore, it is recommended to eat chicken, fish, tuna, pork loin, eggs, ricotta cheese, beef, and hummus.
Too including vegetables is very important such as lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, eggplant, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, carrot, spinach, asparagus (Here you can discover six foods that are very satisfying and do not fatten anything: very nutritious and perfect for losing weight)
Weight loss diets: What nutritionists recommend dining to burn fat?
“Choose some source of carbohydrates: if you prefer to eat your carbohydrates throughout the day at least choose a source of healthy fats for dinner. “For this, what he recommends consuming is brown bread, oatmeal, potato / sweet potato, grains, brown rice, and quinoa.

The c is also important healthy fats. Consume avocado, egg yolk, olive oil, seeds, and nuts.
As they explain from the “athlete’s corner” is that “allow a reasonable time to digest before bedtime, which can be from one and a half to two hours, sleep is to rest and digestion is a process that costs energy and effort to our body, eating very close to bedtime can hinder our rest, it is there when you sleep your full hours and wake up with the same fatigue 
It is also important that you pay attention to breakfast. In this information, we tell you what you have to eat for breakfast to lose weight effortlessly and in a healthy and lasting way.