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Weight Loss success stories: You can lose weight too.

Weight Loss success stories: You can lose weight too.

Weight Loss Stories: Sara Ali Khan was once 96 Kg, increased weight due to PCOS, reduced from this workout and diet plan

Sara Ali Khan was never as she appears today. Sara shared her fitness journey with a video of her transformation on Instagram. Here’s what she does to stay fit.
Weight Loss Stories: Sara Ali Khan, who was once 96 Kg, increased weight from PCOS, reduced by this workout and diet plan, to emphasize her fitness to come to Bollywood. They also sweat day and night in the gym to look good on the screen. During the lockdown, celebs are also motivating fans by staying at home and sharing a lot of videos of their workouts.
Sara Ali Khan, the most loved actress of fans, has also shared a video on her social media handle, in which she has shown her fat-to-fit journey. This is not the first time Sara has shared her fitness journey. She has already told in several interviews that her weight had increased due to PCOD. Sara’s weight was 96 kg before appearing in films. After which he worked hard and found such a slim-trim figure. Learn about Sara’s fitness journey here …
1. Compete with PCOS
Sara Ali Khan has fought PCOS for many years. During that time it was extremely difficult for him to lose weight. The only way for him to make his career in films was to lose weight because no one wants to see a 96 kg heroin on the film screen.
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2. Fans liked their transformation
In the video, Sara is seen doing different style workouts in the gym. Seeing your favorite star sweating in the gym like this, where are the fans going to keep quiet? Below the video, he also bombarded a lot of cute comments.
3. Such exercise was to come in the shape
Sara’s tips are very useful for those who want to lose weight. Sara did hardcore intensive cardio to reduce belly and waist fat. After which he switched to intermediate form exercises. Not only this, but he also changed everything from diet to workout. His workout regimen included functional training, kickboxing, swimming, Pilates, and the uber-trendy, Bootcamp training that a lot of celebs do. Sara also does yoga regularly.
4. When the keto diet did not work
In many of her interviews, Sara also said that she also used the Keto Diet to lose weight, but that did not help her. Instead, he gave control of a healthy diet and porcine size to control his size.
5. How to maintain your weight
Sara is constantly working on her own body. Her favorite workout style is Pilates, where she trains under the guidance of celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit. Her passion is dance, due to which she is always active. During the lockdown, she is shown at home doing a variety of exercises.
6. Do this exercise in lockdown
Sara has a passion for staying fit, which is clearly visible on her social media platform. She continues to share photos and videos with her brother Ibrahim and her pet Doggie.
7. What is Sara’s workout regime
Sara goes to the gym 6 days a week and sweats for an hour and a half. Sunday is usually her cheat day when she relaxes and eats the things she likes.

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