Weight loss tricks: The great physical changes begin with mental strength. One of the main problems we encounter when we start a diet or a new exercise routine is that we cannot continue it for more than two or three days. This is why experts point out that one of the main factors for success is setting realistic short-term goals. Following them can make the difference that our body really achieves a profound change of up to 10 kilos in just four weeks.
Accessible goals should be set not only about physical exerciseAlso about diet. An example: If the ideal to have a statuesque body is to do between four and six weekly strength training sessions, a good start is to set a calendar with two or three weight training sessions.
In the same vein: if it is advisable to lead a fully healthy life is to do between one and two good cardio sessions (bicycle, swimming, running €), you should start with walking fast for about 7-8 kilometers. They are small nuances that can make a difference, as the expert Joel Torres points out.
With diet, more of the same. Athletes are advised to follow the diet nine consecutive days and skip it one. For those who are just starting out, it is more advisable to break that roll with a day of “deception” in the middle.
Torres also reveals a series of habits to keep in mind, especially if you want to feel more energetic during those first days of training. There are several keys: En the first place, he recommends taking a daily walkIt also places special emphasis on hydration. Always with water. “Invest in sleep”, also advises the expert, on a minimum of 7 hours a day recommended to guarantee a good rest.
Diet is another key point. Here he highlights that more than eating less, what we should try is to eat better. Eating a balanced, varied diet, with a special presentation of vegetables and low in fat and processed products.
10 kilos in a month

The workouts are also recommended by Torres. He advises doing at least three days a week of strength training. Also, follow a daily routine: both feeding and waking up, going to bed, exercising € Trying to get the body used to a few schedules is essential to feel more energy. In this line, he advises “mindfulness”: everything that has to do with training and mental relaxation is welcome to feel that feeling of strength. The expert’s last tip is to run away from caffeine.
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