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Weight Loss Tricks: The Four Things You Must Do To Lose Four Pounds

Weight Loss Tricks: The Four Things You Must Do To Lose Four PoundsWeight Loss Tricks: The Four Things You Must Do To Lose Four Pounds
These are four tips to lose at least four kilos in a short time. These are tips that do not put your health at risk if you carry them out in the right way and that can also help you to change your habits and lead a healthier lifestyle. What it consists of, after all, is eating healthy, exercising, and following a few steps that will help you improve your appearance.
1. get enough sleep
It seems stupid but sleeping less than you should be fatal to take care of the line. Sleep loss has been shown to be associated with a significant increase in food intake. In addition, when we lack sleep we tend to throw out packaged products, rich in sugar and, in general, unhealthy. Foods that, in addition, carry more difficulties to fall asleep. The ideal, in this case, is to establish a schedule as fixed as possible and in which you sleep at least the recommended eight hours. Also, have fixed times to make meals.
2. Do short but intense exercises
It is not a matter of running many hours, which is recommended here are short exercises of high intensity. The intention is not to burn fat during exercise but to do it afterward. Experts recommend this type of exercise that can have unknown benefits, such as a metabolism change, that helps you lose weight, and that makes your body more efficient at burning fat. Nor do you have to do it every day, with a couple of times or three that you do some intense exercise tables per week will be enough.
 Do short but intense exercises
3. Eat a lot of fiber
Fiber has many positive benefits for the body and can also help lose weight. The key to this is in the high amount of water that the products rich in fiber have and that makes you feel satiated more easily. This is the case of citrus. It is true that these are foods that are digested with more difficulty than others. It is also recommended to eat slowly and chew well, something that, obviously, usually works.
4. Adopt intermittent fasting
The last step of the four is to get your body used to spend many hours without eating, something you have to do carefully and with the organization. If for example you make a hearty mid-afternoon meal as a snack, suppress dinner. The idea is to complete periods of around 16 hours without eating, something that has been shown to be effective in losing weight

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