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Health Care Tips: What should be the diet of women during period?

Menstruation Diet:  During the period, women have many problems like fatigue, mood swings, irritability. At the same time, women usually get their period within a month, but sometimes they can be a couple or three days back and forth. At the same time, sometimes women have to face a lot of trouble in the menstrual cycle, which has a direct effect on health.

 But do you know that these problems also have a connection with your food and drink? In such a situation, if you want to reduce the problems occurring in the period, then you should include some things in your diet and some things should be banned. So here we will tell you what you should and should not eat during the period.

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Health Care Tips

Yogurt- Yogurt contains calcium and it helps in relaxing your muscles which helps in reducing period pain. At the same time, by consuming it, happy hormones are produced during the period, which also reduces your irritability. Therefore, curd should be consumed during periods, but keep in mind that curd should always be consumed in the afternoon.

Chocolate- Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and magnesium which reduce mood swings and release serotonin. Whenever you have more problems during the period, then you will be happy if you eat dark chocolate.

Do not consume these things during the period-

Alcohol- Alcohol acts as a blood thinner which increases your bleeding, due to which there can be a lot of trouble, so avoid consuming alcohol during periods.

< p style="text-align: justify;">Sweet food- There is a desire to eat sweets during the period. But in this stage, they lift your mood for a moment but it can cause problems.

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